Digital Marketing is a lot like football. Football is ultimately a “game of inches” and you must be willing to fight for each and every inch to move forward. Why? Because when you add up all those inches, it’s gonna make the difference between winning or losing.

HubSpot has collected an impressive number of statistics to emphasize how important it is to track digital marketing. As per their stats, 42% of B2B marketing professionals state that a lack of quality data is their biggest barrier to lead generation.

Jaime Nacach outlines 3 best practices for digital marketers to get the most out of their marketing efforts. And, he’s got valuable data and statistics to back them up. Inch by inch, these best practices can exponentially increase the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

For years, digital marketers have been forecasting a shift in buyers’ behaviors and preferences – we’ve learned that buyers’ behaviors and preferences constantly change. To keep up with the constant changes, it’s important to invest the same amount of time understanding the modern buyer as you spend creating your campaigns.

Frank Cowell explores what the State of Inbound 2017 report has to say about the modern buyer and how this information will impact your lead generation…

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An effective inbound marketing campaign includes many moving parts. From coordinating assets to managing workflows, there’s nothing worse than a talented team that gets bottlenecked by inefficient project management.

To remedy the headaches inherent to complex project management, the production team at Elevator Agency implemented an Agile Marketing framework. Fortunately, Elevator learned that Agile and Scrum principles support their ability to generate highly qualified leads for their clients.

Check out the 5 ways that Agile Marketing will help the success of your next inbound marketing campaign…

Practice for a crisis? It sounds counterintuitive…Yet, practicing for a crisis could mean the difference between a hiccup and a disaster. Amid the recent controversies that have troubled various political and corporate organizations, it is evident a crisis plan is more than a good idea, it’s necessary!

David Oates offers 4 suggestions for crisis practice… Will you be ready if a crisis hits?

Are you getting the most value from your leads? If your marketing and sales teams are not working together the answer to the aforementioned question is “maybe”, at best. In this post, Jaime Nacach asks you to reconsider your organization’s lead generation strategy: What will marketing and sales alignment achieve for your company? Do you have an efficient marketing automation process? Read on to receive actionable recommendations that will help your organization take lead generation to the next level…

With the right sales investment and CRM product, your company can maximize sales activities. Professionals who use this technology can do twice or three times the work of professionals who solely rely on old-school prospecting methods. Companies that invest in and strategically use CRM systems can monitor marketing activities, assign value to marketing and sales activities, and measure true ROI. Have you maximized your CRM to improve your bottomline?

In today’s world, to succeed in content marketing, you must go far beyond your company’s website and blog. Inbound marketers already know the importance of meeting their consumers where they are at… And now, they are doing it with decentralized content. Decentralized content distribution can enhance online visibility and future-proof your business. Learn more with Frank Cowell’s tips.

Inbound marketing is coming out ahead of outbound marketing – inbound marketing is often less expensive and more impactful than outbound. While inbound marketing is at its peak, many businesses still rely on outbound marketing practices. Have you adopted an inbound marketing strategy? Whether you answered “yes” or “no”, Frank Cowell offers surprising trends and three steps to a savvy inbound marketing approach you won’t want to miss…