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With the right sales investment and CRM product, your company can maximize sales activities. Professionals who use this technology can do twice or three times the work of professionals who solely rely on old-school prospecting methods. Companies that invest in and strategically use CRM systems can monitor marketing activities, assign value to marketing and sales activities, and measure true ROI. Have you maximized your CRM to improve your bottomline?

In today’s world, to succeed in content marketing, you must go far beyond your company’s website and blog. Inbound marketers already know the importance of meeting their consumers where they are at… And now, they are doing it with decentralized content. Decentralized content distribution can enhance online visibility and future-proof your business. Learn more with Frank Cowell’s tips.

Inbound marketing is coming out ahead of outbound marketing – inbound marketing is often less expensive and more impactful than outbound. While inbound marketing is at its peak, many businesses still rely on outbound marketing practices. Have you adopted an inbound marketing strategy? Whether you answered “yes” or “no”, Frank Cowell offers surprising trends and three steps to a savvy inbound marketing approach you won’t want to miss…

Whether they like it or not, marketing and sales teams must work together to support the bottomline of their company. An effective way to break down silos between marketing and sales and improve ROI is by creating a service level agreement. SLAs commonly support vendor relationships, but they can enhance in-house activities, too. Frank Cowell outlines how to create a SLA and tips for improving marketing and sales collaboration.

David Oates attended the U.S. Defense Information School (DINFOS) in the mid-90s, before the proliferation of social media. There, he received a valuable piece of advice: “Don’t say anything you don’t want running on the front page of the New York Times!”. Over 20 years later, David still follows this advice… Today, he applies it to his social media messaging and he encourages you to do the same!

Whether it’s being written in-house or by freelance contributors, content creation is the substance of inbound marketing. In 2016, we saw major shifts in who was creating content for inbound marketing. From routine blog posts to value-added white papers, each piece of content can drive traffic to your website and convert leads. Frank Cowell offers important advice for what to consider when you are looking for a content creator and when it can be beneficial to invest in outside help…

Most companies list ‘Organic SEO’ at the top of their priority list for inbound marketing projects. Today, organic SEO matters more than any other marketing activity, because without visibility, brands cannot expect to earn leads and close deals. Improving your organic SEO does not have to be a shot in the dark… Follow Frank Cowell’s actionable, systematic solutions for boosting your organic SEO and gain online visibility.

If you’ve been thinking about rebranding your organization, you’re going to want to read this informative piece from Inside the Elevator contributor and marketing guru, Jaime Nacach. In this piece, Jaime helps you figure out how to choose between a full or partial rebrand. Additionally, Jaime shares a few common situations to help you make the decision.