Since I first started learning about marketing, sales, and the entire world of online commerce, I was fascinated by the idea of being able to use the computer to help me save time on as many tasks as possible. At my first real job, I was in charge of the marketing department (just me) of a small family owned business. Like most small businesses, I had a lot of challenges that needed solving, all within a super tight budget and no resources other than my own time.

Think of your favorite consumer-facing website. Think about why you like it. Chances are it has delivered content that’s relevant to you, piques your interest and genuinely reflects the mission and/or capabilities of the brand. The combination of the message (the words), images and multimedia used to collectively tell the brand’s story and business objectives are the essential components established by a successful upfront content strategy.

Wow. As an authorized Gary Vaynerchuk Distribution Partner, I’ve seen a lot of Gary V content, but this keynote is one of his most hard-hitting to-date. In this keynote, Gary spends a lot of time talking about the misconception of what it means to be an entrepreneur. In short, Gary finds that there are a lot of people fooling themselves into thinking that they’re entrepreneurs even though they’ve only “raised money” and have yet to “make money.” Fair warning: Gary is on fire in this video — do not watch if you get offended easily. You have been warned.

If you still aren’t convinced that you must be leading with enrichment instead of promotion in your digital marketing, maybe some blunt advice from Gary V will do it. Today, organizations must embrace the idea that they are a media company with an enrichment mindset FIRST AND FOREMOST. The thing you actually sell is SECOND. This video is 10 minutes — you have time to make yourself better. Watch it now.