Nearly half of all hospitals in the United States are losing money, as indicated by a recent study published in Health Affairs, a struggle that has only been exacerbated by the requirements of value-based care. And, as patients are now responsible for an increasing portion of their finances related to healthcare, decisions are made more selectively regarding where to obtain medical services. This means providers and hospital systems must work even harder to attract — and retain — today’s discerning patient.

That’s where branding comes in.

An effective inbound marketing campaign includes many moving parts. From coordinating assets to managing workflows, there’s nothing worse than a talented team that gets bottlenecked by inefficient project management.

To remedy the headaches inherent to complex project management, the production team at Elevator Agency implemented an Agile Marketing framework. Fortunately, Elevator learned that Agile and Scrum principles support their ability to generate highly qualified leads for their clients.

Check out the 5 ways that Agile Marketing will help the success of your next inbound marketing campaign…

If you’ve been thinking about rebranding your organization, you’re going to want to read this informative piece from Inside the Elevator contributor and marketing guru, Jaime Nacach. In this piece, Jaime helps you figure out how to choose between a full or partial rebrand. Additionally, Jaime shares a few common situations to help you make the decision.

There’s been a lot of finger-pointing on both sides of the political aisle since Donald Trump became our President-Elect. But as a marketer, I’m more focused on one aspect that hasn’t received the attention it deserves – voter turnout. There are several lessons here; ones that transcend political party affiliations. So, as marketers, let us all take a deep breath and consider these four lessons…

When the decision is made to rename your business, it’s never made lightly. On a grand scale, the catalyst for renaming could be a response to the acquisition of companies that bring new brands and new products under the corporate banner. Often times, a business outgrows its name, expanding into new products or services that didn’t exist when the company started. For many older businesses, its might be simply time to modernize their brand – and renaming is often the start of that process. Read more to learn about the 5 steps to understand the brand renaming process.

Think of your favorite consumer-facing website. Think about why you like it. Chances are it has delivered content that’s relevant to you, piques your interest and genuinely reflects the mission and/or capabilities of the brand. The combination of the message (the words), images and multimedia used to collectively tell the brand’s story and business objectives are the essential components established by a successful upfront content strategy.

A lot of what Gary’s talking about reminds me of how the Kardashians have built their brand — they’re simply showing you their (what appears to be) raw, everyday life, which is certainly a cornerstone strategy for Gary. It’s leading me to think about how I can “Kardashian the brand” here at Inside the Elevator. Great food for thought in this video!