Most of the time, problems and conflicts we encounter in life are down to miscommunication. You said one thing, the person you were talking to interpreted it in a different way to what you intended.

This effect is exacerbated by the way we communicate today. We’re less likely to interact face-to-face, and engage more online; either through social media or written messages. Who has never misinterpreted an instant message, or been on the receiving end of a misinterpretation? It’s embarrassing, or worse, can cause the breakdown of a good relationship, either personal or business.

Nearly half of all hospitals in the United States are losing money, as indicated by a recent study published in Health Affairs, a struggle that has only been exacerbated by the requirements of value-based care. And, as patients are now responsible for an increasing portion of their finances related to healthcare, decisions are made more selectively regarding where to obtain medical services. This means providers and hospital systems must work even harder to attract — and retain — today’s discerning patient.

That’s where branding comes in.