When the decision is made to rename your business, it’s never made lightly. On a grand scale, the catalyst for renaming could be a response to the acquisition of companies that bring new brands and new products under the corporate banner. Often times, a business outgrows its name, expanding into new products or services that didn’t exist when the company started. For many older businesses, its might be simply time to modernize their brand – and renaming is often the start of that process. Read more to learn about the 5 steps to understand the brand renaming process.

Think of your favorite consumer-facing website. Think about why you like it. Chances are it has delivered content that’s relevant to you, piques your interest and genuinely reflects the mission and/or capabilities of the brand. The combination of the message (the words), images and multimedia used to collectively tell the brand’s story and business objectives are the essential components established by a successful upfront content strategy.