Digital Marketing is a lot like football. Football is ultimately a “game of inches” and you must be willing to fight for each and every inch to move forward. Why? Because when you add up all those inches, it’s gonna make the difference between winning or losing.

HubSpot has collected an impressive number of statistics to emphasize how important it is to track digital marketing. As per their stats, 42% of B2B marketing professionals state that a lack of quality data is their biggest barrier to lead generation.

Jaime Nacach outlines 3 best practices for digital marketers to get the most out of their marketing efforts. And, he’s got valuable data and statistics to back them up. Inch by inch, these best practices can exponentially increase the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

Are you getting the most value from your leads? If your marketing and sales teams are not working together the answer to the aforementioned question is “maybe”, at best. In this post, Jaime Nacach asks you to reconsider your organization’s lead generation strategy: What will marketing and sales alignment achieve for your company? Do you have an efficient marketing automation process? Read on to receive actionable recommendations that will help your organization take lead generation to the next level…

If you’ve been thinking about rebranding your organization, you’re going to want to read this informative piece from Inside the Elevator contributor and marketing guru, Jaime Nacach. In this piece, Jaime helps you figure out how to choose between a full or partial rebrand. Additionally, Jaime shares a few common situations to help you make the decision.

The goal of all business owners is to essentially create either a product or service to sell to a growing client and customer base with the hopes of turning a profit and expanding geographically, through the employee base, or otherwise. Now, there are many different barriers-to-entry precluding the way to becoming a successful business. Most businesses will have to learn to face competition, unless they have an extremely niche profession like a “Steel Drum Tuner” or “Olympic Curling Coach”. Learn the basics of the Unique Selling Proposition and how it can help separate you from your competitors — Jaime Nacach shares three examples you have to read.

Since I first started learning about marketing, sales, and the entire world of online commerce, I was fascinated by the idea of being able to use the computer to help me save time on as many tasks as possible. At my first real job, I was in charge of the marketing department (just me) of a small family owned business. Like most small businesses, I had a lot of challenges that needed solving, all within a super tight budget and no resources other than my own time.