Prospecting is a changing area in sales. Sales representatives can no longer rely on cold calls, door-to-door sales, and their knowledge of features to close a deal. Instead, they must work closely with marketers, parse data, and use advanced communication skills to build relationships with qualified leads. From HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2016 report, we share 5 actionable tips for overcoming prospecting challenges so you can win more business!

Attending Inbound 2016 was one of this year’s highlights for me, for sure. Of course, I couldn’t miss Gary V’s kick-off keynote. As usual, Gary delivered the goods. If you didn’t attend Inbound 2016 or you attended, but you missed Gary’s keynote, take some time out of your day and watch this! WARNING: In true Gary fashion, you’ll hear plenty of F-bombs, including, but not limited to the word “f#(kface.” True story.

Wow. As an authorized Gary Vaynerchuk Distribution Partner, I’ve seen a lot of Gary V content, but this keynote is one of his most hard-hitting to-date. In this keynote, Gary spends a lot of time talking about the misconception of what it means to be an entrepreneur. In short, Gary finds that there are a lot of people fooling themselves into thinking that they’re entrepreneurs even though they’ve only “raised money” and have yet to “make money.” Fair warning: Gary is on fire in this video — do not watch if you get offended easily. You have been warned.